Who I am

I am your friend, your partner, your date…
A happy soul that is passing by, there for those who discover me.

On location

There is always the possibility to meet at my place,
here is where you will find my personal presence.
A place that is hygienic.
Somewhere where is always discrete,
and a space that feels like home

Worldwide bookings

Wherever in the world you want to see me,
there is always a chance to meet.
Only an early appointment is necessary here.


I’m a person who’s incredibly
progressive in life,

who likes challenges.
Therefore I haven’t had a television for several years now,
it has made way for my books and vinyl records.
Because I prefer to fill my time with tangible experiences and doing business and secretly I enjoy all the nice contacts that fill my life.
This way I have created a very fluid way of life
where work is what I really like to do and this provides the necessary space to socialize, relax, be able to play sports and much more.
Because of this I can say that I am a very happy person and often share this energy with the people around me.

“My friends call me the little bird that you can’t lock up.”

My Values

Value for me is what is in your head,
the person you are and the person you are always striving for.
For this reason I like cozy conversations with depth.
With the result that a day with
me will always end in warmth and cosiness.
Even after a concert, for example.


My interests are very broad.
This goes from the interest for older cars,
taking care of my many houseplants,
enjoying music and art and the joy of good food “I love tasty food”
Also reading books, to self-study and doing sports.
And a few others.


Age: 36
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Skin: Fair


Be timely with the booking of meetings in the major cities worldwide
because most of the people who already follow me and are present on location often take a timely booking,
usually immediately after announcement.
At this it is important to know that a small prepayment to my business account is always a confirmation of your booking for this type of travel.