A tropical destination, sunny beaches and a culture that embraces you.
This is the most unique experience as a human being to create memories for life.

And there’s nothing better than sharing this with someone.
An all-inclusive package in a resort that meets all your needs so that you can fully enjoy everything without worries.
Or an all-inclusive cruise where you have everything at your disposal and not a day goes by where you can be entertained.
and also the different excursions that you do during your visit to the different countries / places during your cruise.
Have you always wanted to do this in your life, but this is all completely new to you…
No problem, I’m familiar with arranging these kinds of trips.
I would be happy to assist you with the necessary facilities and all the things you need to think about
so that you can start your relaxing moment with peace of mind.

You have my entire package of services at your disposal during our time together.
Please note that my trips for a longer period of time are increasingly more expensive than the massages given in my massage practice.
For a Week / cruise,travel trip my practice always closes one day before the trip
for the necessary preparation and to be able to enjoy this togetherness nicely for myself as well.
“Since these kinds of meetings feel so unique and intimate,

this possibility is only available after an initial meeting with a massage from my services.