A short word about my gallery pictures.

Although I often travel around the world for my services and mainly make contact via the Internet,
I am mainly surrounded by people from my own environment and language.
People who know me once, know that I’m mainly concerned with life away from the internet.
Even though I have a second independent activity related to the online world.
Still, with my people from my massage practice and private life
and also my family I am completely offline,
I attach a lot of importance to good conversations and warm intimate moments.
This is also what I have always known in my family.
Homeliness and conviviality as a home base are the basis for me to explore the world from there in peace.

That’s why the course of my content and photos will always be very natural,
I’m not in a hurry to flood the internet with photos and more because I have to,
no it’s a result of what I want to share in my contemporary life that best describes who I am and what I do.
Personally this also makes a healthy selection of people who really want to follow me to get to know me,
or those who have the same interests in life and would like to share it.

“Quality not quantity”

Have you seen enough and do you want to experience me in real life,
then you can contact me here.