Would you like to take me with you to your visit to the sauna,
or would you like to share a first experience with a sauna happening.
For both I am completely available for you.
I can recommend several good locations if desired.

A meeting like this starts with a minimum booking of three hours.
You have my entire package of services at your disposal during our visit to the wellness centre.
Please note that my trips for a sauna visit as well as for overnight stays and bookings for a longer period of time
are increasingly more expensive than the massages given in my massage practice.
Often I close my practice for 4 hours with each visit, including the duration of the trip.
This also includes the preparation of my equipment and myself.

The prices at my own location are less expensive because I already have everything prepared within reach
and I don’t have to make any trips.
“Since these kinds of meetings feel so unique and intimate,
this possibility is only available after an initial meeting with a massage from my services.
In my experience, everyone eventually books a sauna for four hours, this is the time that feels the most relaxed to enjoy each other.”

My most visited private sauna

This is undoubtedly Sauna Zensation which is located at Heist-Op-Den-Berg,
a municipality in the Belgian province of Antwerp.
I highly recommend this place if like me you prefer hygiene and cleanliness.
This special location and team are given a place on my website,

Because in all the times that I have visited them I have experienced the quality that I put first for my visitors.


They are familiar with my brand and way of working, 
therefore I can take my mobile massage table with me when you book me for a sauna package.

This way I can take care of your wellness moment with my services down to the last detail.

prices sauna (excluding my services)

Two persons

3 hours           194,50€
Bathrobe                        7€
Towels (2)                        7€
Flip Flops (obligated)      5,50€
Set of bath linen                    12,00€  

Two persons

4 hours           244,50€
Bathrobe                        7€
Towels (2)                         7€
Flip Flops (obligated)      5,50€
Set of bath linen                    12,00€  

For more information regarding my own prices, please always contact me personally.
If you are interested in this type of services,
please ask specifically about my sauna options

Take a quick look at the wonderful units of Sauna Zensation by clicking here.


Feel free to take a look at my website or instagram for more ideas,

you can also read a similar experience that you are looking for in my visitor reviews.
And maybe we will meet soon.
When you are ready for this relaxed experience, You can contact me here.